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HISPANIC BUSINESS NETWORKING in TORONTO - HBNT is an ambitious networking initiative focused on creating connections among Entrepreneurs and Professionals in the Hispanic Community in the Greater Toronto Area. We are an inclusion group, we welcome entrepreneurs and professional from all backgrounds.  

HBNT regularly holds Business Networking events. These events are great opportunities to share experiences, establish connections, create new ideas and develop lasting professional relationships. In order to bridge businesses and professionals to mainstream, our Business Networking events are held in English.

We invite you to join our events for free (registration required).

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Create awareness of how stress affects you and natural ways in which you can transform it. 

Practice some yoga!!

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28/01/2014 15:48

Business Networking : Performance Excellence

Our first Business Networking for the year 2014 was opened with an amazing workshop delivered by...

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10/12/2013 18:59

Business Networking : Image and Branding

Thank you for those who attended the last event of 2013 and we hope to see you next time......

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11/10/2013 02:30

Business Networking : THE ART OF NETWORKING

Thank you all for coming to this Friday event inspite of a very tempting long weekend ahead. So...

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26/08/2013 02:40

Business Networking : PanAm/ParaPanAm Games 2015

Co-organized with Latinos Magazine, it was a great Business Networking event, we had over 100...

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08/07/2013 23:14

Business Networking : Bocadillos and Rum

A great Business Networking was presented by Elisa Hajducek-Royal Lepage Estate Reatly. Thank...

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27/05/2013 23:22

Business Networking : Degustacion, Sabor y Networking

Muchas gracias a todos los participantes del evento Degustacion, Sabor y Networking el dia de ayer,...

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22/04/2013 17:33

Business Networking : Redes Sociales

Aprende a cómo utilizar las redes sociales para dar beneficio a tus proyectos o negocios y el crear...

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08/04/2013 17:37

Business Networking : Taxes

Ayer atendimos el evento de MEXICO EMPRENDE! Obtuvimos informacion relevante a la declaracion de...

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04/02/2013 17:50

Business Networking : Basics of Social Media

Tuvimos un buen seminario impartido por Elisa Hajducek, B.Sc. asociada de la Royal Lepage Estate...

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07/01/2013 17:59

Business Networking : Project Management Tips

Tuvimos casa llena con esta intersante platica impartida por Moises Moshinsky, M.Sc., PMP. Se...

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HBNT - Hispanic Business Networking in Toronto



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